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Rainbow - 2006 - Live In Nürnburg 1976

Live In Nürnburg 1976

101. Introduction (1:13)
102. Kill the King (4:46)
103. Mistreated (12:51)
104. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (8:09)
105. Catch the Rainbow (13:20)
106. Man on the Silver Mountain (13:40)

201. Stargazer (14:50)
202. Still I'm Sad (16:38)
203. Do You Close Your Eyes (6:42)

- Ronnie James Dio / Vocals
- Ritchie Blackmore / Guitar
- Cozy Powell / Drums
- Tony Carey / Keyboards
- Jimmy Bain / Bass

Rainbow 1976 World Tour 30th Anniversary
Nurnberg Messezentrum Halle 28.9.1976
"Live In Nuremberg 1976" on inlays.

''On Stage'' was for a long time the only official RAINBOW live album. Then, in 1990, double CD ''Live in Germany 1976'', containing records made in 4 different cities, saw the light of day. And it was the only album containing live version of ''Stargazer''. In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of RAINBOW first world tour, please fans and probably earn some money, complete records of 3 shows played in the end of September 1976 - in Köln (Cologne in English), Düsseldorf and Nürnberg (Nuremberg) - were released in 2006 - 2007. All these double CD sets have the same track lists and the same songs' running order.
I have not heard Köln and Düsseldorf concerts, but like this Nürnberg record a lot. The sound is, at least to my ears, more detailed than on ''Live in Germany 1976'' CD, the band was in a good form and musicians showed all their best that night - the power, Dio's unique vocal delivery, Ritchie's inventive and unpredictable guitar sounds, Tony Carey's nice keyboard runs and solos and thundering rhythm section. Some songs (''Mistreated'', ''Stargazer'' and ''Do You Close Your Eyes'') are shorter than on ''Live in Germany 1976'', and for good - solos never turn to noodling. Great and honest record of the best RAINBOW line-up. Highly recommended, especially if you don't have other records from this tour.

Absolutely amazing. I have been a long time fan of RJD from Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio etc. and of Ritchie from his days in Deep Purple and the Rainbow albums. As a musician and a long time fan of live recordings I can say that ALL of the German tour cd's from '76 are some of the mjost incredible music I have heard from these rock giants. Ritchie's playing is superb to the point of being a true virtuoso. His knowledge of the guitar and masterful technique make it a joy to listen to his swirling, spiralling runs up and down the fretboard. It proves that there truly were amazing guitar technicians before the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen. Guitar virtuosity did not start in Sweden, it started somewhere over the Rainbow.
As far as RJD's vocals? What can I say? These concerts showcased Ronnie at a time when his voice was at its pinnacle of perfection. Any singer out there who wants to hear what a true vocal virtuoso sounds like should listen to these recordings. Ronnie is clear and eloquent to the point of sending shivers down my spine when I hear him singing Stargazer or Man on The Silver Mountain. I have been listening to these cd's non-ceasingly since I bought them all about a month ago and they just keep getting better each time I listen to them.

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