Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Olivia - 1978 - Corra o Risco

Corra o Risco

01. Fantasma Da Opera
02. Lady Jane
03. Corra O Risco
04. Jardim De Infância
05. Banda Dos Corações Solitários
06. Cavalo Marinho
07. Lobo Do Mar
08. Àgua E Vinho
09. Brilho Da Noite
10. Minha Pena Minha Dor
11. Luz E Tango

Bass – Alain Pierre
Cello, Violin, Piano, Backing Vocals – Jaquinho Morelenbaum
Drums, Percussion – Marcelo Costa
Electric Guitar, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion – Beto Rezende
Flute – David Ganc
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Nando Carneiro
Guitar, Viola, Backing Vocals – Muri Costa
Vocals – Olivia Byington

Arranged By – A Barca Do Sol

Olivia Byington is a popular Brazilian singer with several solo albums within the Brazilian Pop genre over a career, that lasted almost four decades.Born in 1958 in Rio De Janeiro, he worked as a backing singer for A Barca do Sol during her professional baby steps, the reward was the band to work as supporting musicians on her debut album ''Corra o risco'' in 1978, released on Continental.Pianist/cellist Jaques Morelenbaum and guitarist Nando Carneiro, both playing with Egberto Gismonti, were also among the participants of the album.

Olivia's debut album, apart from personal tracks, contains also a couple of A BARCA DO SOL's early tpieces, of which ''Lady Jane'' became a grand hit in Brazil around the time.As expected, the presence of the whole A BARCA DO SOL team had a huge impact on Olivia's junior discographic attempt, this might sound like a lovely Brazilian Art Pop album for the most of its length, but having this skillful band in the backgrounded resulted series of impressive arrangements with Folk, Classical and Jazz leanings.No doubt, Olivia' pristine voice was the central point on the release and why not, when having such ethereal and crystalline chords.But focusing also on the instrumental work will give the listener some extra pleasure, this album is filled with smooth interplays and elaborate instrumental work, based on cello, violin, acoustic guitars and flute, unleashing its strong ethnic roots and hidden proggy vibes.But things won't stop here.A few pieces contain also some beautiful electric guitars and a higher energy as a whole, like the dreamy ''Cavalo marinho'',  highlighted though by the farewell masterpiece ''Luz do tango'' and its fantastic TERRENO BALDIO-like atmosphere, swirling over and under complicated vocal lines, string/guitar/piano interplays and a great number of breaks.Trully a surprising prog gem.The rest of the music is dominantly acoustic, saturated with charming orchestral and jazzy flavors in an ethnic enviroment.

Overlooked gem of Brazilian Ethno Prog.Some superb instrumental lines complement Olivia Byington's awesome vocal work and any lover of Prog Folk with a variety of supporting styles should track this down.Strongly recommended.



  2. Thank you Drago! The instrumentation is indeed very nice.