Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lloyd McNeill - 1979 - Tori

Lloyd McNeill 

01. O Mercado (Brazilian Market) 4:55
02. Tori (Segment One) 1:36
03. Tzigane 11:01
04. Tori (Segment Two) 0:43
05. Sambinha 5:20
06. Time Still / Passaro - Pifaro (Flute Bird) 8:53
07. Tori (Segment Three) 1:56
08. Tranquil 11:40

Acoustic Guitar – Amaury Tristao, John La Barbera
Bass – Buster Williams
Flute – Lloyd McNeill
Drums – Victor Lewis
Percussion – Dom Um Romao
Piano – Dom Salvador
Tuba – Howard Johnson
Vocals, Percussion – Nana Vasconcelos

Recorded July 14, 1978 at Regent Sound Studios, Inc.

A beautiful album of soul jazz flute tracks – one of the few self-released classics by the legendary Lloyd McNeill, a player who's never really gotten his due! The album's got a warm spiritual sparkle that brings together Latin and Brazilian touches with McNeill's own lyrical style – definitely in the mode of 70s spiritualists like Harold Vick or Sonny Fortune. McNeill's in the lead on flute, and most of the tracks have Dom Salvador on piano, Dom Um Romao on percussion, and Buster Williams on bass. With a rhythm team like that, you can imagine the soulful modal grooves on the session – and the album's got a number of nice tracks, like "Tori", "Sambinha", and "Tzigane". 


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