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John Gordon - 1975 - Step By Step

John Gordon
Step By Step

01. Step By Step 10:45
02. P & G Inc. 4:52
03. Dance Of The Ymas 5:10
04. No Tricks / No Gimmicks 5:30
05. Making Memories 8:04
06. Activity 5:46

Bass – Lisle Atkinson
Drums – Andrew Cyrille
Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Roland Alexander
Piano – Stanley Cowell
Trumpet – Charles Tolliver
Trombone - John Gordon

Recorded and mixed at Sound Ideas Studios, New York City, September 22, 1975.
Strata-East Records Incorporated, 156 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.,10010. Printed in U.S.A.

John Gordon's trombone style and sound reflect such masters as Bill Harris and Lawrence Brown. He employs a breadth of conception and a clarity of sound that have more in common with the great trombonists who preceded himby two generations than with the tight phrases and dry tone of the beboppers. The brilliance of his top notes and the sweep of his ideas on Making Memories are bound to remind the listener of Harris. Like his older contemporary, Roswell Rudd, Gordon seems to have studied Harris, and the influence extends into the freest piece of the album, Activity.
The title of one of Gordon's compositions; No Tricks / No Gimmicks, applies to the overall approach. This is unpretentious music firmly rooted in the post-bop era but embracing the harmonic and metric adventurousness nurtured by the Free Jazz movement.
P+G, Incorporated a bright Gordon composition of calypso heritage, one of the happiest pieces of music in years .
All of Gordon's compositions here are attractive, and his arranging for the three horns results in an expansive ensemble sound. He is a talented young man, and his further adventures will be followed with great interest.
Doug Ramsey
Radio Free Jazz - May 1977 - Page 17

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