Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jazz Contemporaries - 1972 - Reasons in Tonality

Jazz Contemporaries 
Reasons in Tonality 

01 Reasons In Tonality  24:00
02 3-M. B.  22:45

recorded live at the Village Vanguard, NYC Feb. 13, 1972

Bass – Larry Ridley
Drums – Keno Duke
French Horn – Julius Watkins
Piano – Harold Mabern
Saxophone [Tenor] – Clifford Jordan, George Coleman

Rare original spiritual jazz LP on the much sought after STRATA EAST label. Sounds very much like it could be a lost session for some classic Coltrane album: the easy gait of the brass, the levitation pull of the bright block chords staggering over on the right end of the piano, the band playing perfectly in unison.  amazing how something can sound at once so casual and so spirited!



  2. This and all the Tolliver is fabulous