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Hiroshi Sato - 1977 - Time

Hiroshi Sato 

01. Time 0:55
02. Joint 4:19
03. Minami Kaikisen 4:20
04. Choit 2:41
05. Yamate Hotel 4:00
06. Bad Janky Blues 3:52
07. Mezame 0:30
08. Akanegumo-No Machi 3:00
09. Black Coffee 3:25
10. Island Fantasy 2:40
11. Kage-Ni Mukatte 5:23
12. Saigo-No Tejina 3:42
13. Merry-Go-Round 2:43

Hiroshi Sato: music, arrangements, producer, lyrics, piano, electric piano, Clavinet, organ, kalimba, bongo, synthesizer, mini moog, claves, melodica, Solina, Hammond organ, electric guitar, percussion

Shuichi Murakami: drums
Shigeru Inoue: drums
Tatsuo Hayashi: drums
Koji Takeda: drums
Kenji Takamizu: bass
Haruomi Hosono: bass
Akihiro Tanaka: bass
Rei Ohara: bass
Shinji Shiotsugu: electric guitar
Hirofumi Tokutake: electric guitar
Kenichi Inoue: electric guitar
Hiroki Komazawa: pedal steel guitar
Chuei Yoshikawa: acoustic guitar
Taisuke Endo: percussion
Nobu Sai: percussion
Pecker: percussion
Akira Nishitani Group: strings
Time Five: chorus, vocal arrangements
Mama Jun: chorus
Ryuichiro Senoo: bass harp
Ken Muraoka: tenor saxophone
Akira Tanabe: alto saxophone
Akio Mitsui: trumpet
Eiji Arai: trombone

Hiroshi Sato's a hell of a keyboardist here – working on a range of sweet electric keys, while also singing a bit – although the album's more of a fusion album overall, with vocals thrown in for nicely soulful touches! Sato's got a different vibe than some of his Japanese fusion contemporaries – maybe sharper and more focused, but no less soulful – and he really hits a great groove throughout, even allowing his vocals to be a bit processed and electrified too – which, given the difference in language, almost makes them come across like an instrument to our ears. Titles include "Time", "Joint", "Choit", "Yamate Hotel", "Bad Janky Blues", "Kage Ni Mukatte", and "Island Fantasy"

Haruomi Hosono and Tatsuo Hayashi 2nd album "Time" with the atmosphere of the strongest rhythm section in the city and the feel of Kansai blues scenes such as Ryuichiro Seno and Shinji Shioji re-emerged by remastering by himself. Five songs have been added as a bonus track from 1st album "SUPER MARKET". Haruomi Hosono vs. Hiroshi Sato Long interview and liner notes that the person himself took a pen also included.

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