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Hiroshi Sato - 1976 - Super Market

Hiroshi Sato 
Super Market

01. 私の彼氏は200歳
02. レインボー・シーライン
03. F. W. Y.
04. 用意はいいかな
05. Night In L.A.
06. High Times
07. いとしのマリー
08. スーパー・マーケット
09. パラダイス
10. For Jun

Acoustic Guitar – Dan Sawyer
Backing Vocals – Dear Chikako, Dennis Dreith, Hiroshi Sato, Laila Jacobs, Miss Kobori, Takashi Yamamoto
Bass – Marty David
Drums – Joe Correro
Electric Guitar – Amos Garrett, Bill House, Chris Pinnick, Dan Sawyer
Harmonica – Stanley Behrens
Keyboards – Hiroshi Sato
Lead Vocals – Hiroshi Sato
Marimba – Steve Forman
Mellotron – Skip Konte
Percussion – Joe Lala
Saxophone – Bob Crosby, Dennis Dreith
Semi-Acoustic Guitar – Tim Ray
Talkbox – Hiroshi Sato
Trombone – Bob Payne
Trumpet – Joe Romano

Hiroshi Sato went to Los Angeles and used some of the best studio musicians in L.A. to record this album. Engineered by Roger Mayer.

Some readers may know the late Japanese pianist Hiroshi Sato from his excellent Awakening record with Wendy Matthews, or his work with folks like Haruomi Hosono and Tatsuro Yamashita (who, according the Japanese Wiki, called him Japan's greatest pianist). We have some other great, if more subdued albums of his however, starting with Super Market, his 1976 debut. There are some funky jams here, but nothing approaching the heights of the best Boogie or City Pop sounds that would appear in the next few years in Japan, in our opinion. What we're really digging are the Wilson-influenced, lightly fusion/"island sounds" rays caught from tracks like "レインボー・シーライン" and "Night in L.A.".

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