Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dom Um Romao - 1975 - Spirit Of The Times

Dom Um Romao 
Spirit Of The Times (Espirito Du Tempo)

01. Shakin' (Ginga Gingou) 3:01
02. Wait On The Corner 6:18
03. Lamento Negro 4:01
04. Highway 4:28
05. The Angels 4:07
06. The Salvation Army 4:02
07. Kitchen (Cosinha) 2:52

Acoustic Guitar – Amauri Tristao
Bass – Frank Tusa
Drums, Percussion – Dom Um Romao
Flute – Lloyd McNeill
Guitar [Electric Guitar] – Joe Beck
Organ, Piano, Guitar – Sivuca
Percussion – Portinho
Piano [Electric Piano], Piano – Dom Salvador
Saxophone [Alto], Flute – Jerry Dodgion
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Soprano], Flute – Mauricio Smith

Recorded June 6 & November 21, 1973

‘Espirito du Tempo’ or ‘Spirit of the Times’, is the third release from Brazilian percussion extraordinaire Dom Um Romao. Sometimes cited as Brazils ‘finest percussionist’, Romoa performed, collaborated and recorded with such greats as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Donato, Herbie Mann, Sergio Mendes and even Frank Sinatra. However he is more commonly renowned for being one of the founding members of the Jazz Fusion superband ‘Weather Report’, which at the time boasted the ‘cream of the crop’ of The US and South American Jazz players. 
According to several sources, he was a purist and aimed to show, especially on this recording, the true spirit of Afro-Brazilian music.
So it says, so eloquently on the liner notes, “I have the Afro-Brazilian authenticity in my music, because I come from the black people there; my background is from Africa”. 
This album was recorded over two sessions in 1973 and was produced by Dom Um Romao with Joe Fields.
The ‘Spirit’ of Romaos history certainly shines through in the more traditional sounding tracks ‘Ginga Gingou’ and the closing track ‘Cosinha’, which are perfect example of the percussionist at work. Fast paced and super tight with all manner of drums being celebrated in a hypnotic samba rhythm.
The meat of the record is made up of some amazing Jazz fusion style performances featuring flute and saxophone solos and some incredible keyboard playing.
Apart from the traditional opener and closing tracks, ‘Lamento Negro’ stood out as being quite a superb arrangement that outshines the rest In my opinion. With it’s haunting choral lines and intense build ups.
Dom Um Romao is one gifted musician and I think any or all of his work would be appreciated by music fans.



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