Thursday, May 25, 2017

Charles Sullivan - 1976 - Re-entry

Charles Sullivan 

01. Re-Entry
02. Body & Soul
03. Carefree
04. Waltz For Cricket
05. Mabe's Way

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Rene Mclean
Bass – Buster Williams
Drums – Billy Hart
Piano – Kenny Barron
Trumpet – Charles Sullivan

Recorded August 17, 1976 at C.I. Studios NYC.

Recorded back in 1976, it's a quintet session with the fabulous Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on bass, Billy Hart on drums, and Rene Mclean on alto and tenor sax. From 1974 up until the present time, Sullivan has made only three albums as a leader "Re-Entry" being the second (and most difficult to locate up until now). Like his other two releases, he displays incredible chops here, particularly on his versions of "Body & Soul", of which there is a second 14 minute alternate take included which is just as gorgeous as the original on "Re-Entry". The other four cuts on this release are all original compositions by Sullivan, and fully display his exceptional writing skills. Have waited a long time for this session to be issued on cd at an affordable price, readily available, and now it is from the WHYNOT label, a division of Candid Records, based out of London. Another solid gold recording from this criminally unknown, brilliant trumpeter who deserves wider recognition. So glad to finally have this on cd - thanks to Candid Records. For an absolutely astounding experience, check out Sullivan's "Genesis" recording, his debut as a leader, and recently released on cd for the first time from the revived Inner City jazz label. Incredible and brilliant work from 1974.

This is an outstanding session of 70s-era jazz. Sullivan has an outstanding group around him, and they are each given room to shine. Like other first-rate jazz of this period, it combines a hard-bop sound with a looseness and freedom (which in this case does not loose focus or touch on fusion). Sullivan has great control and really can fly -- why is he so underrated? The title tune is a great example, and Kenny Barron really shines on piano. They all seem really together and the excellent recording captures it beautifully. Highly recommended.

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