Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Charles Earland - 1976 - Odyssey

Charles Earland 

01. Intergalactic Love Song 6:16
02. Sons Of The Gods 5:44
03. Cosmic Fever 8:01
04. From My Heart To Yours 3:46
05. We All Live In The Jungle 3:44
06. Phire 4:07
07. Journey Of The Soul 8:53

John Abercrombie: Guitar
John Blair: Vocals
Randy Brecker: Trumpet
Ron Carter: Bass
Billy Colburn: Bass
Norman Connors: Drums
Charles Earland: Organ, Piano (Electric), Primary Artist, Synthesizer, Vocals
Arthur Grant: Vocals
Lawrence Killian: Percussion
Richard Kimsvark: Keyboards
Howard King: Drums
Robert Lowe: Guitar
Hosea Cheo Santos: Percussion
Abe Speller: Drums
Jack Turner: Saxophone
Michal Urbaniak: Vocals

This is a great fusion outing for Charles Earland that mostly works, apart from a dodgy heavy rock moment that doesn’t seem to really fit in, the rest of it is a joy to sit through. There’s some great violin work on here, which isn’t always an instrument you’d associate with late ‘70s fusion work, but it fits in really well. Apart from the heavy metal moment, this album sways between heavy duty Headhunter’s style space-funk, soulful jazz-funk groove and dance floor friendly straight funk. Think along the lines of a deeper more intense Bobby Lyle and you’ll have hit the nail on the head. Great stuff indeed.


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  2. I'm a sucker for electric piano,so I'm gonna give this one a go.Thank you.