Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Charles Earland - 1971 - Freakin' Off

Charles Earland 
Freakin' Off

01. Freakin' Off - Part One 2:10
02. Freakin' Off - Part Two 2:16
03. Strangers In The Night 2:30
04. Fly Me To The Moon 2:22
05. One For Lee 4:08
06. Stormy Monday Blues 2:50
07. Days Of Wine And Roses 3:01
08. Getting To Know You 3:26
09. Yeah Sir 2:30
10. Milestones 5:55

Charles Earland: Organ
Plus unnamed musicians

The LP’s ‘Freakin’ Off’ (Big Chance) and ‘Charles Earland Live’ (Trip) are virtually the same album. The sessions are mostly fake “live” recordings (though the take of ‘Strangers in the Night’ sounds like an actual live recording), but feature a heavily reverbed appearance of ‘Yas-Suh!’ (listed as ‘Yes Sir’ on the Trip LP). The Big Chance LP yielded one 45 ‘Freakin’ Off Pts 1&2’. I’ve never seen anything else on that label (same goes for Rare Bird). Trip (along with it’s associated label Springboard) was a NJ based cheapo reissue house with an MO of releasing an artists early/forgotten (Cher, the Yardbirds, Charles Mingus among others) work as if it was new. Their Earland LP continues that tradition.

 it is a completely fucked up version of some of the tracks from George Freeman's LP "Introducing George Freeman with Charlie Earland sitting in" on Giant Step GS005 (produced by Gus "Silk" Lacy, a Philly DJ). What the remixers have done is tried to cut George Freeman's part in the proceedings right down, so he's more or less inaudible, and make Earland's part more prominent. A couple of different tracks are included in "Freakin' off", I think, but I can't be sure as the thing's too effin' awful to do a back to back comparison.

If you see the George Freeman issue, get that one, it sounds good. (And there are also a couple of tracks with Jimmy McGriff sittin' in uncredited.)

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