Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bruce Johnson & Rodney Jones - 1977 - The Liberation Of Contemporary Jazz Guitar

Bruce Johnson & Rodney Jones 
The Liberation Of Contemporary Jazz Guitar

01. The Liberation Of Contemporary Jazz Guitar 7:42
02. G.E.N. 9:20
03. Country And West Indian 0:52
04. Around The Planet Earth 13:46

Bruce Johnson
Rodney Jones

This has to be the most self sufficient album on the strata east label. Apart from four thank yous, all the credits: guitar, producer, composed, arranged, engineered, cover design and liner notes all go to Bruce Johnson and Rodney Jones. Musically... Well, it's so not my kind of thing, that it would be unfair of me to critique it. However, if noodley guitar work is your bag, then give it a go. Personally, when there's more rhythm guitar going on, I really like it, but I really could do without the soloing, that's where I start to struggle. "G.E.N." is a killer though, very jazz-funk, but unfortunately without a beat.

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