Thursday, May 25, 2017

Anneke Konings - 1972 - Feelings

Anneke Konings 

01. Feelings
02. A Lesson
03. You Know Who I Am
04. Magic Garden
05. Monday Morning Blues
06. Love
07. I Am The Wind
08. For You
09. Skip Rope Song
10. Loneliness
11. I Don't Care
12. Jack

Bass, Double Bass – Henk Haverhoek
Cello – Peter Doberitz
Drums – Eric Ineke
Flute – Ary Jongman, Dick Vennik, Henny Kluvers
French Horn – Leen Oosterman
Guitar – Fred Janssen (tracks: A1, A4, B1), Hans Hollestelle (tracks: A2, A5, B5, B6)
Oboe – Guus Hautvast
Piano, Organ – Jasper van 't Hoff, Richard Pulin
Recorder [Alto] – Jenny Kliphuis
Viola – C. Carcassola
Violin – A. Schol, Benny Behr, Guus Valten, P.J. Kelfkens
Vocals, Guitar – Anneke Konings

Singer Anneke de Koning from Oudewater.  In 1972, she took part in the Knokke Songfestival under the name Andeane.  After 1975, she was no longer releasing records, but did continue on with live work with the group Caboose.  In 1981, she emerged again with a new group called Dandylion.
One of the best Dutch folk albums. This band has it all, from dreamy acoustic ballads into tracks with a more electric touch. Female vocals in English. Comes on more and more wantlists because collectors of the genre finally discovered this unique album.One of the very early releases on the label (green first design label).  
Rare original 1972 Dutch Munich Records vinyl LP part electric - part acoustic from dutch female vocalist singer/songwriter Anneke de Koning - 'Feelings' is recorded with Richard Pulin And His Orchestra and has on some tracks a slight psychedelic leaning f.i. 'You Know Who I Am' originally written by Leonard Cohen.