Friday, April 14, 2017

The J.Geils Band - 1982 - Showtime!

The J.Geils Band 

01. Jus' Can't Stop Me 3:16
02. Just Can't Wait 3:17
03. Walls Come Tumbling Down 3:12
04. Sanctuary 3:41
05. I'm Falling 5:29
06. Love Rap 5:27
07. Love Stinks 3:24
08. Stoop Down #39 5:49
09. I Do 3:01
10. Centerfold 3:54
11. Land Of A Thousand Dances 5:07

Bass – D.K.
Drums, Vocals – Stephen
Guitar – J.
Harmonica, Saxophone – Magic Dick
Horns – The Uptown Horns
Keyboards, Vocals – Seth
Vocals – Peter

Recorded at The Pine Knob Music Theater, Detroit, MI. Sept. 1982.

The commercially succesful years of the J.Geils band are actually my least favorite, Freeze Frame has some good tunes, but they were weak in comparison to the earlier years of Geils. But the live stuff is always a win, even here on the bands third live release SHOWTIME. It includes that pop nugget that I mentioned before as well as LOVE STINKS, (even love stinks is pretty good on here!) but still goes to show how much those original bad boys of boston could really heat it up on stage--- check this bit out even if you've never heard those bits before. They made an effort not to overlap any songs from the first two live albums (both killer sets as well), covering a lot of material from the later years, SANCTUARY etc... But you get the energy and rawness of classic J.Geils rockaroll, The LAND OF 1000 DANCES is killer stuff, loud. And you get the skattin and beboppin all over from Mooba Gooba, and even some out right group shout along stuff. They got a little silly in the early eighties sure, but the live act was still nothing but solid. Don't overlook. But by all means get FULL HOUSE and FACE OUT too if you can!



  2. Thanx Zen...After hearing bout J's passing, I listened to my live albums...and the 160 version of show time was lacking in comparison tothe others...thanx for the upgrade! Now If I could just find a copy of You're Getting Even...