Thursday, April 13, 2017

The J.Geils Band - 1971 - The Morning After

The J.Geils Band 
The Morning After

01. I Don't Need You No More 2:35
02. Whammer Jammer 2:34
03. So Sharp 3:09
04. The Usual Place 2:44
05. Gotta Have Your Love 4:32
06. Looking For A Love 3:45
07. Gonna Fine Me A New Love 3:23
08. Cry One More Time 3:21
09. Floyd's Hotel 3:08
10. It Ain't What You Do (It's How You Do It!) 5:12

Bass – Danny Klein
Drums, Vocals – Stephen Bladd
Guitar – J. Geils
Harmonica [Harp] – Magic Dick
Keyboards – Seth Justman
Vocals – Peter Wolf

The Morning After is a near perfect follow-up to the J. Geils Band's self-titled debut album. It's more of the same winning blend of rocked-out blues, jumped-up soul, and pure rock & roll wildness with enough attitude and energy to get a club full of people from zero to sweaty in less than 60 seconds. Featuring the original versions of songs that became radio staples in their live incarnations ("Looking for a Love," the Magic Dick showcase "Whammer Jammer"), a batch of covers of rare soul gems ("So Sharp," Don Covay's "The Usual Place," the aforementioned "Looking for a Love"), and some fine originals (the rip-roaring opener "I Don't Need You No More," the very funky "Gotta Have Your Love," and the heart-rending ballad "Cry One More Time," which was covered memorably by Gram Parsons on G.P.), The Morning After is definite proof that the J. Geils Band were well on their way to becoming one of the best rock & roll bands of any era.



  2. Thanks for all the J. Geils - much appreciated.