Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Easybeats - 1967 - Good Friday

The Easybeats
Good Friday

01. River Deep, Mountain High 2:47
02. Do You Have A Soul 2:58
03. Saturday Night 3:25
04. You Me, We Love 3:21
05. Pretty Girl 2:14
06. Friday On My Mind 2:40
07. Happy Is The Man 2:40
08. Hound Dog 2:30
09. Who'll Be The One 2:34
10. Made My Bed Gonna Lie In It 2:05
11. Remember Sam 2:30
12. See Line Woman 3:09

Additional Tracks
13. Heaven And Hell 2:38
14. Do You Have A Soul (long version) 3:38
15. Women (Make You Feel Alright) 2:35
16. All Gone Boy (different mix) 2:30
17. You Me, We Love (different mix) 3:20
18. Lisa (different mix) 3:06

Stevie Wright - vocals
Harry Vanda - vocals, lead guitar
George Young - vocals, rhythm guitar
Dick Diamonde - bass guitar
Snowy Fleet - drums

Friday on My Mind, produced by Shel Talmy and recorded in England, captures the Easybeats at just about their peak, combining all of the best elements in the evolution of their sound under one cover. The Easybeats were still one of the most energetic outfits in rock music, with a raw, highly animated guitar attack, but they were trying (and largely succeeding with) ever more complex vocal harmony parts and some staccato guitar harmony as well that was pretty impressive, and at this stage they were working with a brace of gorgeous Harry Vanda/George Young originals. The ubiquitous title track is in excellent company, surrounded by an array of mid- to late-60's British rock treasures: a killer garage punk rendition of "River Deep, Mountain High," with a superb performance by Stevie Wright and what sounds almost like a sitar buried somewhere in the midst of the crisp electric guitars; "Do You Have a Soul," with its abrupt tempo changes, cascading choruses, chiming guitars, and hooks that seem to flow into each other effortless; "Saturday Night," with more sitar-like sounds beneath the radiant choruses and rhythm guitar hooks; the dramatic, angst-ridden "You Me, We Love," on which Vanda's guitar playing becomes as intense as Wright's wrenching vocal performance; "Pretty Girl," with its crunchy rhythm guitar sound and catchy lyric hooks and choruses; and "Made My Bed Gonna Lie in It," a punk anthem nearly as catchy and well-played as "I'm Not Like Everybody Else." Not everything on this album is as successful as these cuts, but it is all good listening, even the eerie, original album finale, "See Line Woman." In fact, only the rendition of Leiber and Stoller's "Hound Dog" may be out of place, and even it works as a change of pace. The label of "Australia's Beatles" may have proved an overstatement to some, but one can get a good look at its basis on this album it's loaded with actual and potential hit singles, yet it doesn't come off as lightweight in any way.

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