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The Easybeats - 1967 - The Best of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl

The Easybeats 
The Best of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl

01 For My Woman 3:04
02 She's So Fine 2:02
03 Wedding Ring 2:00
04 Sad And Lonely And Blue 2:10
05 Easy As Can Be 2:30
06 In My Book 3:05
07 Women (Make You Feel Alright) 2:30
08 Pretty Girl 2:17
09 Come And See Her 2:36
10 I'll Make You Happy 3:08
11 Too Much 1:45
12 Sorry 2:32
13 Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It) 2:17
14 Friday On My Mind 2:45

Stevie Wright - vocals
Harry Vanda - vocals, lead guitar
George Young - vocals, rhythm guitar
Dick Diamonde - bass guitar
Snowy Fleet - drums

After the success of the band's single "Friday On My Mind" in the U.K., The Easybeats continued work with the single's producer Shel Talmy on a debut album for their international label United Artists Records. The finished album, titled Good Friday, was released in Europe in May 1967. However, due to contract issues, no album of the new material was released in their home country of Australia. Instead Albert Productions compiled "greatest hits" package of the band's most popular Australian singles and EP tracks. Three songs from the Good Friday album were included on the album, with "Pretty Girl" (which hadn't yet seen a release in Australia) promoted as a "new" song. The album was released in May 1967 during the group's homecoming tour of Australia.

The album was first released in May 1967 during the band's homecoming tour of Australia. It was reissued on the budget Drum Records label in June 1975, along with The Best of The Easybeats Volume 2. The album's cover art title was changed to The Best of The Easybeats Featuring Stevie Wright. The first release on CD was in 1986 on the Albert Productions label and again in the 1997 through EMI. The 1997 released would again change the cover art and title to simply The Best of The Easybeats. On 6 August 2013, the album was remastered and made available through the iTunes Store. For the 2014 Australian Record Store Day, a limited edition 180 gram vinyl LP was released. This vinyl release was released by Albert Productions and remastered by renowned mastering engineer Don Bartley.

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