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The 13th Floor Elevators - 2010 - Headstone The Contact Sessions 1966

The 13th Floor Elevators 
Headstone: The Contact Sessions

01. You’re Gonna Miss Me 2:31
02. Tried To Hide 2:23
03. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 3:44
04. Take That Girl 3:00
05. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore 3:43
06. I’m Gonna Love You Too 1:57
07. Monkey Island 2:56
08. Roller Coaster 3:47
09. Now I'm Home (Splash 1) 3:41
10. Where Am I? (Thru The Rhythm) 3:15
11. Fire Engine 2:16
12. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore(Take 1, Backing Track) 3:09
13. Fire Engine (Take 8) 2:37
14. You're Gonna Miss Me (Take 6) 2:43
15. Tried To Hide (Take 7) 2:47
16. I’m Gonna Love You Too (Single Version) 1:58
17. All Night Long 2:21
18. You're Gonna Miss Me (Vocal Track) 2:35

Tracks 1, 2, 14 & 15 were recorded January 3rd 1966 at Andrus Studio, Houston, Texas.
Tracks 3 to 13 were recorded circa February 1966 at Andrus Studio, Houston, Texas.

Bass – Benny Thurman
Drums – John Ike Walton
Jug [Electric], Backing Vocals – Tommy Hall
Lead Guitar – Stacy Sutherland
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica – Roky Erickson

he first studio recordings by the 13th Floor Elevators from January and February 1966 made in Texas for an album which never saw the light of day in those heady drug-filled days.
Mono versions of the eleven original tracks including the groundbreaking “You’re Gonna Miss Me” and “Fire Engine” plus four remastered stereo alternative takes.

In addition to the studio material this package includes four live recordings from La Maison in 1966, including “We’ve Gotta get out of this place” and two other previously unreleased tracks.

Recordings remastered and remixed in 2007 by the original producer Walt Andrus.
On one hand, the Texas group the 13th Floor Elevators were like the hundreds of other garage bands from the 1960s, and on the other hand, of course, they weren’t. There was that constant electric jug sound from Tommy Hall running through everything the band recorded, for one, and with Roky Erickson’s edgy, aggressive vocal style poured in over the top, the Elevators always sounded like they were about to become completely unhinged, if indeed they weren’t already. The group, thanks to label mishandling and the oppressive Texas drug laws, never really got a chance to truly evolve past that initial chaotic sound, but their legacy remains a strong one. The Elevators were an outlaw band before that concept became merely a marketing strategy. This set collects the mono tracks for what would have been the group’s first album, Headstone, had it actually been released (it was recorded for Gordon Bynum’s Contact Records), which it wasn’t. Things are rounded off with a handful of the Headstone sides mixed for stereo, and four hit-or-miss live performances recorded at La Maison in Houston in the summer of 1966. Highlights include the single version of Erickson’s signature garage classic “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” a wacky take on Buddy Holly’s “I’m Gonna Love You Too” (imagine Holly with an electric jug player), and a credible live version of the Animals’ “We’ve Gotta Get Outta This Place.”

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