Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunadokei - Yatsuhiro Koyama - 1973 - Firebird Volume 1

Sunadokei - Yatsuhiro Koyama 
Firebird Volume 1
“火の鳥 Vol. 1” (Firebird vol.1)

01. 火の鳥
02. 鈴にさそわれて
03. 地に伏せる
04. Episode I
05. 笛を吹いたら
06. 愛らしきもの
07. 永劫回リ帯
08. 限りなき時の流れに
09. 金ぴかぴんの仏様
10. Episode II

小山恭弘 (Yatsuhiro Koyama) – piano, synthesizer, back vocal
松木恒秀 (Tsunehide Matsuki) - electric & acoustic guitar
岡沢章 (Akira Okazawa) – bass guitar
穂口雄右 (Yosuki Hoguchi) - hammond organ
田中清司 (Kiyoshi Tanaka) – drums, perc. – ex -“Sons Of Sun”
坂元昭二 (Shoji Sakamoto) – acoustic guitar, vocal
うすいよしのり(Yoshinori Yasuri) – vocal
應魚 – vocal – Mao - ex -“Sons Of Sun”
Amadeus Gurlit – vocal

Japanese obscurity whose information is practically nonexistent. This was possibly a studio project (including former members of the Suns of Sun) that resulted in a unique and rare single-issue LP. The work is divided into 10 tracks, mostly short and mixing psychedelia and folk, in most of the quiet and acoustic time, despite some experiments on the keyboards, which deserve to be highlighted. The lyrics are all in Japanese.

This one is another case of something I snatched from a blog a long time ago, and a visitor asked me if I had it, but outside the mp3's and a minimum info I just found, I know nuthin' about these guys... so... All help is welcome!



  2. not had time to listen yet, but judging by the sleeve and the'episode 1 and 2 markers, we have music inspired by or to be listened to, while absorbing Osamu Tezukas' masterpiece "Phoenix" there are 10 translated volumes maybe the rest was to follow.
    probably more in the vein of Bo Hanssons' "Lord of the Rings" music