Sunday, April 2, 2017

Magma - 1981 - Magma

마그마 - 1981 - 마그마

01. 알 수 없어 (You never can tell)
02. 이럴 수가 있을까 (Jesus wept)
03. 아름다운 곳 (A beautiful place)
04. 기다리는 마음 (Long-awaited mind)
05. 우린 서로 사랑하니까 (We love each other)
06. 해야 (Sun)
07. 잊혀진 사랑 (Forgotten love)
08. 그날 (That day)
09. 탈출(경음악) (Escape : Instrumental)

Drums – 문영식
Guitar – 김광현
Lead Vocals, Bass – 조하문

Rare and very obscure Korean hard psych from 1981,with excellent fuzz guitar and the typical Far East vocals.Would appeal to all fans of Terry Brooks,Blue Cheer, Leafhood, etc.
Again, something I found in cyberspace and have little to no info about... anyone know more about this one?

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