Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Laboratorium - 1979 - Quasimodo


01. Przejazd (1:35)
02. I'm sorry, I'm not driver (7:07)
03. Etiudka (1:26)
04. Sniegowa panienka (8:16)
05. Lady Rolland (1:44)
06. Quasimodo (10:51)
07. Kyokushinkai (2:54)
08. Ikona (In Memory of Zbigniew Zeifert) (6:15)

Bonus Tracks
09. Etiudka (2:34)
10. Sniegowa Panienka (11:08)
11. Odjazd (6:35)
12. Zdrowie Na Budowie (6:45)

- Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes, Arp Odyssey synthesiser
- Marek Stryszowski / vocal, alto sax, soprano sax
- Pawel Scieranski / guitar
- Krzysztof Scieranski / bass guitar
- Mieczyslaw Górka / drums

Tracks 1 to 8 Recorded in Polskie Nagrania, Warsaw, March 1979
Tracks 9 to 12 Recorded live - somewhere in Cracow

Quasimodo is the second studio album released by polish jazz-rock band LABORATORIUM. The album was released in 1979 by Polskie Nagrania in the Polish Jazz series as vol. 58. Since their debut album (released in 1976), they released two live albums Aquarium Live and Diver (both in 1977). These few years of playing made this band quite experienced.
The album is rather melodic and balanced. As for a jazz rock release, electric guitar isn't the leading instrument (except a short track Kyokushinkai which is actually a long guitar solo), the album is based mostly on the sound of piano (acoustic and electric) and saxophone. Between longer tracks there are some shorter interludes like Etiudka, Sniegowa Panienka and the intro - Przejazd. Vocal experiments, such characteristic for this band, appear for example in the miniature Lady Rolland. As mentioned, music on this album is rather balanced and tranquil. The example could be the title track with its repetetive but beautiful melody or the ending track An Icon (in memory of Zbigniew Seifert). Title track in my opinion is the highlight of this album but there are also many other memorable melodies.

Overall, it's a good jazz-rock album which could be recommended for all fans of this genre



  2. Thank you! Been looking for this one! :-)