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Laboratorium - 1977 - Aquarium Live

 - Aquarium Live

01. Struktura przestrzeni
02. Taki ladny i przyjemny
03. Bzdragol
04. Flamenco na miekko
05. Dziewiecsil

Bonus Tracks:
06.a Struktura Przestrzeni
07. Taki Latwy I Przyjemny
08. Bzdragol

- Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes
- Marek Stryszowski / vocal, sax
- Pawel Scieranski / guitar
- Krzysztof Scieranski / bass guitar
- Mieczyslaw Górka / drums
- Pawel Valde-Nowak / conga

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded live in "Aquarium" Club, Warszawa, 20-23.09.1977.
Tracks 6 to 8 recorded in Polskie Radio Warszawa, 3.01.1977.

Janusz Grzywacz admitted on his own words that with ''Modern Pentathlon'' Laboratorium tried to reach a wider audience through the second side tracks, while only the self-ttled jazz suite was actually representitive of the group's sound.Anyway, the goal was reached, as the album eventually sold over 100,000 copies.In 1977 Laboratorium released a second album on the Poljazz label under the title ''Aquarium Live No.1'', this time recorded live in the ''Akwarium" club in Warsaw.For this performance Pawel Valde-Nowak was recruited on congas.
With this release any commercial tendencies are completely gone and the group shows strong similarities with WEATHER REPORT and RETURN TO FOREVER, playing an exotic Jazz/Fusion with lots of improvised parts and great instrumental diversity.However it won't start so well as ''Modern Pentathlon''.The 16-min. long ''Struktura Przestrzeni'' is rather too loose and experimental with little structure and changes between individual performances, resulting an incohesive long and trippy jamming.The remaining four tracks though are absolutely satisfying, presenting a smooth but very rich Jazz/Fusion with nice melodic saxes, virtuosic electric piano and some fiery jazzy guitars.Of course the WEATHER REPORT and RETURN TO FOREVER influences are more than evident, showing a band with little personal imagination but technically very competent and effective.Of all the remaining pieces, the 10-min. ''Flamenco Na Miekko'' seems to be the best and more original composition, being a lovely amalgam of energetic Fusion and Ethnic-based Jazz Rock with incredible piano lines and solos, furious breaks and Latin-inspired tunes coming from Marek Stryszowski's sax.For a great closing, the short ''Dziewiecil'' contains a sound closer to Italians AREA with excellent sax work and very Eastern-based tunes on guitars.

The Metal Mind reissue contains three more extra tracks, recorded live earlier in 1977 at Poliskie Radio Warszawa, featuring the familiar Laboratorium style, full of dreamy electric piano, hypnotic saxes and jazzy exercises.A recommended album for all fans of 70's Jazz/Fusion and lovers of intense jazzy instrumentals.

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