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Laboratorium - 1976 - Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon

01. Pieciobój nowoczesny (20:00)
a.Przebieg Niekontrolowany
b.Mur 1234
e.Taniec "Bialego Karla"
02. Funky dla Franki (4:46)
03. Szalony baca (6:00)
04. ABZ (4:58)
05. Grzymaszka (2:24)
Bonus Track
06. Pieciobój Nowoczesny (29:05)

- Janusz Grzywacz / piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland 2000 synthesiser
- Marek Stryszowski / vocal, alto sax, bass clarinet
- Pawel Scieranski / guitars
- Krzysztof Scieranski / bass guitar
- Mieczyslaw Górka / drums

Recorded in Polskie Nagrania, Warsaw, July 1976.
Track 6 recorded live at Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw, October 1976

One of Polish jazz fusion cornerstone, this album was released in 1976 only. Laboratorium was formed in Krakow, intellectual capital of Poland, in 1970, and even had some recordings, made in 1972 (they were released as fan-club release, and re-released later on CD). If neibourhood Czechoslovakia dominated on Eastern European jazz-rock market in early 70-s, Poland with its excellent jazz traditions seriously came on this market a bit later.
Modern Pentathlon is really modern fusion (in sense of mid 70-s) album, keyboards -led and heavily influenced by Chick Corea/RTF. Very relaxed, even funky in moments, but with European traditions (and even Eastern European melodic influences) this album's music is excellent example of high quality Polish fusion of that time. If such musicians, as Michal Urbaniak, who lived and played for years in W.Europe and USA, bring Western fusion traditions on Polish land, Laboratorium grew up on domestic land, and their sound is more "Polish".

Most interesting on this album is its opener - twenty-minutes long composition "Pieciobój nowoczesny". Being of complex structure and some rhythm changes, it is excellent example of progressive jazz fusion. Others songs are good as well, but doesn't add much to album's music.

Good jazz fusion album, one of the most representative from Polish fusion of that time.

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