Saturday, April 8, 2017

Keef Hartley - 1972 - Seventy Second Brave

Keef Hartley Band 
Seventy Second Brave

01 Heartbreakin' Woman
02 Marin County
03 Hard Pill To Swallow
04 Don't You Be Long
05 Nicturns
06 Don't Sign It
07 Always Thinkin' Of You
08 You Say You're Together Now
09 What It Is

Drums, Illustration – Keef Hartley
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Chris Mercer
Vocals, Bass Guitar – Gary Thain
Vocals, Guitar – Junior Kerr
Vocals, Piano – Pete Wingfield

6th album by the great UK drummer Keef Hartley with a new version of his band, which included vocalist / guitarist Junior Kerr, bassist Gary Thain, two saxophonists Chris Mercer and Nick Newell and pianist Pete Wingfield. Old buddy Mick Weaver helped out on organ. The music is tight and has a strong Brass-Rock feel, mixing Blues, Rock, Jazz and some Prog elements. In retrospect the music still sounds great after all these years and Hartley's fans will surely love to have this one in their collection.

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