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Baker Gurvitz Army - 2004 - Live in Derby '75

Baker Gurvitz Army 
Live in Derby '75

01. The Hustler 9:09
02. Space Machine 6:52
03. Remember 10:19
04. White Room 3:51
05. Neon Lights 5:12
06. Inside Of Me 7:18
07. Memory Lane 4:46
08. Sunshine Of Your Love 2:33
09. The Artist 6:12
10. Freedom 6:43
11. Time 5:22
12. Going To Heaven 9:45

Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Ginger Baker
Guitar, Vocals – Adrian Gurvitz
Keyboards, Piano – Peter Lemer
Vocals – Snips (tracks: Mr. Snips)

Recorded on Tueaday 21st October 1975 at Kings Hall, Derby

Like his Cream partner Jack Bruce the hottempered drumlegend Ginger Baker carried the torch of progressive, inventive, visonary music. Making honest, mindblowing musical statements for a rapidly diminishing audience.

In the mid-70s he teamed up with the Gurvitz brothers, known from their hit-single "Race With The Devil" under the name Gun. producing three fine studioalbums, but being first and foremost an impressive and exciting liveband. Relying heavily on improvisation and a loose and yet intense atmosphere. And as the pictures show in the fine book-let being heavily doped and drugged.

Here we get a healthy dose of songs from the "Elysian Encounters" album, in completely different, lot more vital arrangements. A couple of rearranged Cream-classics and a stab at Jimi Hendrix' "Freedom".

The soundquality is outstanding, really giving us a chance to hear what a fine bassplayer Paul Gurvitz was (is?). Ginger looks unhealthy to say the least but propels things with usual class. Livemusic at its best.

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