Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arbete Och Fritid - 1979 - Hall Andan

Arbete Och Fritid 
Hall Andan

01. Harmageddon Boogie 3:13
02. Halvdans 10:43
03. Jag Föddes En Dag 8:01
04. Kopparna På Bordet 7:18
05. Vägvisa 1:23
06. Dorisk Dron 6:41
07. Thulcandra 7:43

Ove Karlsson: cello, electric guitar, organ, zither, vocals, backing vocals
Tord Bengtsson: piano, violin, drums, bells, accordion, backing vocals, ring modulator
Torbjörn Abelli: upright bass, electric bass, backing vocals, organ
Torbjörn Falk: electric guitar, performer, engineer
Thomas Mera Gartz: vocals, electric guitar, tenor saxophone, drums, tambourine, flute, bells, violin
Ulf Wallander: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Recorded at MNW's Studio October 1978 and January 1979.

One of the cornerstone bands of the Swedish psychedelic continuum, Arbete & Fritid featured members of many of the most notable units of the era (Parsson Sound, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Harvester/International Harvester, Archimedes Badkar et.al.), though unlike their sister bands, Arbete & Fritid would counterpoint their manifestations of the hallmark Swedish drone/trudge psych aesthetic with irreverant dips into the genre wells of everything from faux-Elvis Presley ramalamma, to frenzied improv cacophany. More Arbete & Fritid brilliance will follow in the coming days...

Their best, and it's stupid this hasn't been reissued. Arbete och Fritid had a handful of different styles/directions they pursued over their career. They started as a jazz-inflected ethno folk group, then became an almost entirely acoustic pure ethno folk group. Se upp för livet, on the other hand, was this sprawling, slightly odd mishmash that was almost Faust-y at times. Going through that album made this band's inclusion on the NWW list make a lot more sense, as that's where that sound starts in their catalog.

But this? It's RIDICULOUS here. Droney, krauty experimental rock that hovers between minimalism and surprising levels of heavy (Jag foddes en dag starts off sounding like Venom, and I'm not at all kidding).

And what's better, the B-side harkens back to the sound of their very first album, when the jazz drumming and changes (along with more Agitation Free-esque ethno-trance stuff) were still a part of what they were doing. There ain't none of yer plaintive, Nordic folk stuff here. These guys have gone full weird.

Well, well worth finding.


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  2. This is great! Thanks a lot for posting it, and if you have more by this group, you would make me very happy ...