Monday, April 10, 2017

Adrian Gurvitz - 1980 - Il Assassino

Adrian Gurvitz 
Il Assassino

01. Borrowed Beauty 5:55
02. Seventeen 4:22
03. Movie Picture 5:03
04. Hit Man 5:00
05. Movie Picture Theme 0:37
06. She's In Command 6:10
07. New World 4:21
08. Crying To The Night 5:32
09. Heat 3:44

Musical Assistance, Backing Vocals – Paul Gurvitz
Producer, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Music By, Lyrics By – Adrian Gurvitz

Adrian Gurvitz's third studio album follows the style of its predecessors. A decent, contemporary music creation with a few flaws here and there, but undoubtedly attractive. Not well-known to the average pop collector, this work includes nine melodic tracks. There is a groovy jam (''Borrowed Beauty''), a pop/rock composition (''Seventeen''), a beautiful instrumental (''Hit Man''), two dance-pop tracks (''She's In Command'' and ''Heat''), another short electronic instrumental (''Movie Picture Theme'') based on the sound of the piece with the same title (''Movie Picture''), a funky tune (''New World'') and a rockish melody (''Crying To the Night''). Not outstanding, by means of production, this is a smooth, beautiful LP that is surely worth the try if you are interested in listening something different. Also, one more thing that makes this album even better, is Gurvitz's awesome guitar.

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