Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weldon Irvine - 1975 - Spirit Man

Weldon Irvine 
Spirit Man

01. We Gettin' Down 5:50
02. Softly 0:37
03. Pogo Stick 6:45
04. Blast Off 4:17
05. Jungle Juice 8:10
06. Yasmin 4:37
07. The Power And The Glory 5:44
08. Softly 1:26

Alto Saxophone – Sonny Fortune
Congas, Bongos – Bud Johnson, Jr.
Drums – Wesley 'Gator' Watson
Electric Bass – Cleveland Freeman
Guitar – Henry Grate, Jr.
Percussion – Napoleon Revels
Trumpet – Charles Sullivan, Everett 'Blood' Hollins

Massively funky work from the mighty Weldon Irvine – sublimely cosmic and filled with soul throughout! The vibe here is a bit more focused than on some of Weldon's earlier albums – a moody blend of electric keys, heavy percussion, and some slight bits of jazzy solo work by trumpeters Charles Sullivan and Everett Blood Hollins, and saxophonist Sonny Fortune – both players who really help the album find some soulful structure! The album's all-instrumental, and has Weldon really taking off on the keyboards – not just using them for main solos, but also dropping in cool noisy bits and analogue effects that really sound great – almost out-Herbieing Herbie Hcock for the record, and turning in some of his biggest classics on wax!

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