Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill - 1984 - The Love Songs

Peter Hammill 
The Love Songs

01. Just Good Friends (3:54)
02. My Favourite (3:00)
03. Been Alone So Long (5:01)
04. Ophelia (3:08)
05. Again (3:34)
06. If I Could (5:00)
07. Vision (3:15)
08. Don't Tell Me (4:39)
09. The Birds (3:40)
10. The Looking Glass (6:57)

- Peter Hammill / vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums
- Graham Smith / violin
- David Jackson / saxes
- Nic Potter / bass
- Guy Evans / drums
- Hugh Banton / organ
- Stuart Gordon / violin
- John Ellis / guitar
- Manny Elias / drums
- David Lord / synthesizer

This album is excellent. Forget VDGG, this is Hammill, and Hammill's records are different than VDGG records. This album contains some of his most beautiful love tracks re-arranged (some re-sung), and most of them are FAR superior than the originals (which were excellent in the first place). "My favourite" has additional instruments, which is exactly what it needed, "Ophelia" has a different mix with echoed vocals that gives it an extra spooky haunting feel, "If i could" has additional instruments (performed live if memory serves me well), "Vision", which is my favourite song, has additional violin which elevates it to a new height of sensibility, "The Birds" is re-sung with different vocals which makes it even sadder, "This side of the looking glass" is sung an octave or two below the original, which gives it a darker feel (orchestra remains the same). A full and accomplished album, and not just a "best of love songs" album. Excellent.

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