Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill - 1982 - Enter K

Peter Hammill 
Enter K

01. Paradox Drive (4:36)
02. The Unconscious Life (5:07)
03. Accidents (4:39)
04. The Great Experiment (5:14)
05. Don't Tell Me (4:46)
06. She Wraps It Up (4:24)
07. Happy Hour (9:18)

Bonus Track on 1991 FIE! remaster:
08. Seven Wonders (4:27)

- Peter Hammill / vocals, guitar, acoustic & electric pianos, organ, synth, producer

K Group:
- John Ellis / acoustic & electric guitars
- Nic Potter / bass
- Guy Evans / drums

- David Jackson / saxophone (2,8)

This album opens rather strangely. Paradox Drive is probably the popiest song written by Peter so far. The song features a funky groovy mood like."Talking Heads" in the late seventies. Surprising. Maybe a paradox.
But the dark and serious Hammill is back with another jewel and so classic song. Jackson is of course of great assistance in this VDGG effort. Nicely balanced between some fine piano lines and subtle sax. Nothing violent or chaotic here. This is more in line with the "Still Life" period. Unconsciously or not, this is a great VDGG song. A highlight IMO.

With all his mates back (except Banton), more moods of the band are available (and I won't complain). Although short, "Accidents" holds lots of ingredients of a VDGG piece of work. Heavy sounds, tortured Peter and even if the structure is simple, this song features a powerful and impressive finale.

The hectic "Great Experiment" has this hopping style of the "Heads" again. The similarity is even reinforced by the vocal part which, at times, reminds me the style of Byrne. This album is really good so far and "Don't Tell Me" is absolutely on par. It is thanks to such piece of music that I praise the man so much. Absolutely moving and passionate.

And it is not the immaculate beauty of "She Wraps It Up" that should change my mind. Of an easier approach, it still offers these so typical Hammill moments. And the best of him, actually.

Now the alcoholic epic. "Happy Hour". Amazing lyrics, rhythm changes (even some fine flamenco oriented short passage) and this indelible VDGG sound. I can't help, even if this is "solo" album, it has so many things in common with the band that I just have to underline these similarities when they occur. At least it is how I feel when listening to such a track. Another highlight but there are no weak song here.

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