Tuesday, March 28, 2017

O'Donel Levy - 1972 - Breeding Of Mind

O'Donel Levy
Breeding Of Mind

01. We've Only Just Begun 3:55
02. It's Too Late 3:33
03. Breeding Of Mind 3:10
04. Cherries 4:00
05. On Broadway 3:34
06. Ideal 3:58
07. Never Can Say Goodbye 5:15
08. Let's Stay Together 3:08
09. The Chocolate Horse 3:15
10. Angel Eyes 4:29

Bass – Eric Ward
Drums – Chester Thompson
Guitar – O'Donel Levy
Organ – Charles Covington

Breeding of Mind pairs guitarist O'Donel Levy with arranger Manny Albam for a genre-defying set that embraces elements of jazz, funk and baroque pop -- the end result is soulful and sublime, couching Levy's uncommonly expressive tone in a series of bold, lush contexts that underline the sophistication of his craft. Backed by bassist Eric Ward, organist Charles Covington and drummer Chester Thompson, Levy transcends the limitations of Groove Merchant warhorses like "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "We've Only Just Begun" with aplomb, winnowing deep inside their familiar melodies to reveal new layers of loveliness, but Breeding of Mind is undoubtedly best served by originals like "Cherries" and "The Chocolate Horse," which address contemporary funk sensibilities with remarkable imagination and intricacy.

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