Thursday, March 23, 2017

Muhal Richard Abrams - 1978 - Spiral Live At Montreux

Muhal Richard Abrams
Spiral Live At Montreux

01. B Song 13:50
02. String Song 5:05
03. Voice Song 23:33

Piano, Gong – Muhal Richard Abrams

All compositions by Muhal Richard Abrams Ric-Peg Music, BMI. Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland by Mountain Studio on July 22, 1978. Mixed at Soundmixers, New York City. Special thanks to Paiste for providing a set of gongs and the tuned sound set for this concert recording.

Muhal Richard Abrams performs unaccompanied throughout this concert appearance from the 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival. The relatively brief "String Song" features some odd sound explorations as Abrams plays the strings from inside the piano along with gongs. "D Song" and "Voice Song" find Abrams sticking to the piano and offering a slightly mellower alternative to Cecil Taylor in exploring new music. Abrams' occasional use of devices from earlier styles (including a bit of dissonant stride and basslines à la Lennie Tristano) makes this music a bit more accessible than one might expect at times, but in general, this set is for listeners who enjoy hearing new approaches to musical freedom.

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