Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muhal Richard Abrams - 1978 - Lifea Blinec

Muhal Richard Abrams
Lifea Blinec

01. Bud P.(Dedicated To Bud Powell) 7:52
02. Lifea Blinec 10:02
03. Ja Do Thu (Dedicated To Jarman, Douglas & Thurman) 8:19
04. Duo 1 8:18
05. Duo 2 5:01

Clarinet [Bb, Bass], Flute, Bassoon, Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Tenor], Flute [African], Percussion, Voice – Douglas Ewart
Drums [Trap], Percussion, Marimba, Timpani, Bells – Thurman Barker
Piano, Percussion, Voice – Amina Claudine Myers
Saxophone [Soprano, Alto, Bass], Voice, Bassoon, Clarinet [Alto], Flute, Percussion – Joseph Jarman

Recorded and mixed at Streeterville Recording Studio, Chicago--February, 1978

Muhal Richard Abrams headed one of his finest small combos on this intense quintet session from 1978. Joseph Jarman provided riveting bass saxophone and bassoon contributions in addition to playing alto clarinet, flute, soprano sax, percussion and vocals. His multiple contributions were matched by Douglas Ewart on an equal array of reed instruments, including bass and soprano clarinet, bassoon, alto and tenor sax and percussion. Abrams divided his time between keyboards, conducting and percussion, while Amina Claudine Myers was also on hand adding vibrant, bluesy riffs and statements. Thurman Barker took care of drum duties and doubled on percussion.

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