Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muhal Richard Abrams - 1976 - Sightsong

Muhal Richard Abrams

01. W. W. 4:57
02. J. G. 5:35
03. Sightsong 6:18
04. Two Over One 6:16
05. Way Way Way Down Yonder 5:28
06. Panorama 5:59
07. Unity 5:14

Bass, Percussion, Vocals – Malachi Favors
Piano, Composed By – Muhal Richard Abrams

1 - Dedicated to Wilbur Ware
2 - Dedicated to Johnny Griffin
7 - Dedicated to the AACM

Recorded October 13-14/1975 at Generation Sound Studios, New York.

The reputation of members of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), of which Abrams is a founding member, has long been one of adventurous, dangerous, and difficult music. But in fact, much of the music created out of this organization shows enormous appreciation of the blues and earlier jazz forms. Sightsong is a splendid case in point. The album opens with four duets (two dedicated to Chicago legends Wilbur Ware and Johnny Griffin) which have a swing, a groove, and a delicacy that no fan of "straight-ahead" jazz could ignore. Favors, always one of the great underrated bassists in the music, provides a thick, soulful pulse and solos with huge imagination while Abrams always stays within the song's parameters which provide ample room for his creativity. As fine as these more "traditional" numbers are, the standout piece is perhaps Favors' solo feature, the wonderfully titled "Way Way Way Down Yonder." Opening with what sounds like the riffled pages of a book, Favors then states the deep, bluesy theme with strutting authority and proceeds through one of the richest investigations of the string bass the listener is ever likely to hear. Sightsong is one of Abrams's finest recordings and is also perhaps the best showcase for Malachi Favors' talents outside of his seminal work with the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

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