Thursday, March 16, 2017

Johnny Winter - 1970 - About Blues

Johnny Winter 
About Blues

01. Parchman Farm 2:42
02. Livin' The Blues 2:39
03. Leavin' Blues 2:48
04. Thirty-Eighty, Thirty-Two, Twenty 2:16
05. Bad News 2:40
06. Kind Hearted Woman 3:40
07. Out Of Sight 2:22
08. Low Down Gal Of Mine 3:07
09. Going Down Slow 4:39
10. Avocado Green 2:30

About Blues is one of the first compilation albums of Johnny Winter, covering the period 1960-1968, this while Johnny was touring in Texas

Together with the album "Early Times" this was one of earliest compilation albums with songs performed during the 60s

Unauthorised material that has been reissued numerous times throughout Johnny's career (much to his disgust) by producer Roy C. Ames under various titles with different cover art.

A cash in by Ames to profit off of Winter's famous signing with Columbia Records. Hardly a proper representation of Winter's guitar prowess.  Mainly of interest for Johnny Winter fans/ completists as an insight to his early recordings pre- stardom.

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