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Johnny And Edgar Winter - 1976 - Johnny And Edgar Winter... Together

Johnny And Edgar Winter 
Johnny And Edgar Winter... Together

01. Harlem Shuffle 3:41
02. Soul Man 2:55
03. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 5:04
04. Rock & Roll Medley (6:17)
Slippin' & Slidin'
Jailhouse Rock
Tutti Fruitti
Sick & Tired
I'm Ready
Realin' And Rockin'
Blue Suede Shoes
Jenny Take A Ride
Good Golly Miss Molly
05. Let The Good Times Roll 3:15
06. Mercy, Mercy 3:46
07. Baby, Whatcha Want Me To Do 11:06

Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals
Edgar Winter - saxophone, vocals
Rick Derringer - guitar
Floyd Radford - guitar
Randy Jo Hobbs - bass
Dan Hartman - piano
Richard Hughes - drums
Chuck Ruff - drums

I really did not know what to expect from this one. The Winter brothers play different styles of music and although they have been known to play together, this performance exceeded my expectations. I think they did it right; they have some bluesier tracks that are obviously from Johnny, some soul rock tracks from Edgar, and some that lie between their styles. It is hard to think of a more talented brother combination. Johnny and Edgar absolutely tear it up with both of them on vocals, Johnny on guitar doing his usual, and Edgar on a variety of instruments but most noticeably, the saxophone. They are accompanied by a host of other characters including Rick Derringer. This recording was taken from a live set. However, you can rarely hear the crowd except during each tracks closing. Together is nowhere near either of the two brother's finest albums, but it is a surprisingly good mesh of styles.

The first thing that struck we with Together is how well the two sing. With the exception of the final track, these songs are all fairly vocally intense, requiring a good range and even better upper register. The Winter's pull is off without a problem. If you like Johnny's bluesy stuff, check out "Baby, Whatcha Want Me to Do." This lengthy track is probably my favorite from this album. This is the only one here that has long solos from both brothers, a great melody, and to top it all off, a guitar-saxophone dual at the end of the track with the brothers building off of each other. After this, "Let the Good Times Roll" is solid as is "Harlem Shuffle." Even their rock infused version of The Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'" does not seem out of place. The only track I feel is a bit weak is the medley. Now normally, I love medleys but they transition between the different tracks too quickly and do not allow for each component to develop (the track is just over six minutes long and contains nine different tracks). Other than this, I enjoyed all of the other covers.

Despite having two Winters here, I never got the impression that one was out to one up the other. The set sounds organized and very cooperative. Even the guitar-sax showdown during the last track is seems like a communal effort. As long as you enjoy at least one of the Winter brothers, you should enjoy Together.

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