Saturday, March 25, 2017

George Lewis - 1978 - George Lewis

George Lewis 
George Lewis

01. Monads
02. Triple Slow Mix
03. Cycle
04. Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)

Piano – Muhal Richard Abrams
Bass Clarinet – Douglas Ewart
Cello – Abdul Wadud
Piano – Anthony Davis
Soprano Saxophone – Roscoe Mitchell
Trombone [Alto And Tenor] – George Lewis
Violin – Leroy Jenkins

Trombonist and composer George Lewis studied his crafts with Dean Hey and Muhal Richard Abrams. Lewis' compositions and improvisations are found on over 80 recordings, and he has performed with such musicians, composers, and improvisers as Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Count Basie, Derek Bailey, and John Zorn. A Yale University philosophy graduate, Lewis has been a member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) since the '70s. His residencies include IRCAM (Paris), STEIM (Amsterdam), and Alberta's Banff Centre for the Arts. Lewis has been an NEA Fellow, was hosted as Visiting Artist by the Art Institute of Chicago, and curated the music program of New York's The Kitchen Center. Lewis also programmed interactive music systems for computers, has lectured at computed art workshops, and has worked as a computer installation artist, with interactive installations shows at Paris' Musee de la Villette, in Boston, and Chicago.

This 1978 album contains: "Monads" for an ensemble (with Anthony Davis, piano; Douglas Ewart, bass clarinet; Leroy Jenkins, violin; G. Lewis, alto and tenor trombones; Roscoe Mitchell, soprano sax; Abdul Wadud, cello) ...fleeting melodic fragments amidst pointillistic (but not "abstract" !) textures, constantly re-defined and varied; "Triple Slow Mix," a trio for two pianos and sousaphone ...a steady and slowly varied bass passacaglia surrounded by either extremely fast pointillistic playing or banal almost-quotes as if from music "literature," like a blasé music student in his practice room just trying to make it through the day...every once in a while someone shouts "hey !" "Cycle" (with Lewis on Moog synthesizer)...humorous and touching solos of mid-range sounds, you smile and you don't know why; "Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)" for the previous large ensemble, also with Muhal Richard Abrams, piano, and G. Lewis also on sound-tube ...someone near us is explaining something but we don't quite get it ...perhaps it's something "foreign" ...a tapestry of gestures, quick shadows of the initial event.



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