Tuesday, March 28, 2017

George Freeman - 1972 - Franticdiagnosis

George Freeman 

01. Franticdiagnosis 19:06
02. The Bump 7:50
03. Free-Man 8:20
04. God Bless The Child 5:15

Congas [Congos] – Billy Connors
Drums – Gary Jenkins
Drums [Bass Drum], Cymbal – Eddie Moore
Flute [Alto] – Dave Hubbard
Guitar – George Freeman
Organ – Caesar Frazier
Percussion, Percussion [Gores], Cowbell, Tambourine – Donald Rivers
Synthesizer [Arp] – Charles Earland
Tenor Saxophone – Von Freeman

A legendary bit of funk – and a killer record from one of the most unique guitarists ever! George Freeman's got a sound and a style unlike any other player we can think of – an approach to funky guitar that's often got a really hard touch on the strings, and which gets nice and noisy at the best funky moments. Freeman's probably best known for the few obscure records he cut with Groove Holmes, but this album's his out and out masterpiece – a rare one-off session cut in the funky Philly scene and supervised by DJ Sonny Hopson – and featuring a rare mix of players that includes Cesar Frazier on organ and Charles Earland on Arp! The mix of organ and Arp is really incredible – especially on the side-long jammer "Franticdiagnosis", which runs for nearly 20 minutes, and is one of the most messed-up funky jazz jams of the 70s! Other players include Von Freeman on tenor sax and Dave Hubbard on alto flute – and the album features the legendary jazz dance track "The Bump", plus the cuts "Free-Man" and "God Bless The Child".


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/3acwcdfsslrp/4567.rar

  2. Wow! Yeah, this is pretty far out!
    Earland on Synth. That's got to be a first for him.
    Thanks a lot for this.
    My Freeman catalogue has doubled overnight!

  3. I love how you can spot those godawful Dusty Groove write-ups a mile way.