Friday, March 17, 2017

Edgar Winter - 1975 - The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer

Edgar Winter
The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer

01. Cool Dance
02. People Music
03. Good Shot
04. Nothin' Good Comes Easy
05. Infinite Peace in Rhythm
06. Paradise/Sides
07. Diamond Eyes
08. Modern Love
09. Let's Do It Together Again
10. Can't Tell One from the Other
11. J.A.P. (Just Another Punk)
12. Chainsaw

Bass, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Strings, Percussion – Dan Hartman
Drums, Vocals, Percussion – Chuck Ruff
Keyboards, Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion – Edgar Winter
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Percussion – Rick Derringer
Banjo, Guitar [Classical], Resonator Guitar [Dobro] – Paul Prestopino

After his excellent showings with White Trash and the orbit-escaping success of They Only Come Out at Night, The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer comes as a bit of a letdown. While there are at least a couple of outstanding tracks here, namely "Diamond Eyes" and "Paradise," the remainder of the album just doesn't meet Winter's self-imposed standards.

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