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Edgar Winter - 1974 - Shock Treatment

Edgar Winter
Shock Treatment

01. Some Kinda Animal
02. Easy Street
03. Sundown
04. Miracle of Love
05. Do Like Me
06. Rock and Roll Woman
07. Someone Take My Heart Away
08. Queen of My Dreams
09. Maybe Some Day You'll Call My Name
10. River's Risin'
11. Animal

Rick Derringer - producer, bass, guitar, electric sitar, vocals
Dan Hartman - guitar, bass, percussion, autoharp, vocals
Chuck Ruff - drums
Edgar Winter - bass, Clavinet, Mellotron, organ, piano, synthesizer, vibraphone, saxophone, vocals
Teresa Alfieri - design
Vic Anesini - mastering
Jimmy Iovine - assistant engineer
Bill King - photography
Lou Schlossberg - assistant engineer
Shelly Yakus - engineer
Lehman Yates - assistant engineer

With this release, Edgar Winter was faced with the question that haunts many a superstar following a highly successful album -- how can he outdo himself? While Shock Treatment falls short of outdoing himself, it still manages to rock pretty righteously. Beginning with this album's answer to their previous "Hangin' Around," "Some Kinda Animal," the band moves into the excellent blues torcher "Easy Street," which is painted with highlights from the substantial saxophone talent of Winter, not to mention some of his finest singing. Like They Only Come Out at Night, this recording includes a pair of haunting ballads, "Maybe Someday You'll Call My Name" and "Someone Take My Heart Away." "Queen of My Dreams," along with "River's Risin'," showcase the Edgar Winter Group doing what they do best -- rocking out with passion and lots of drums and guitar. Not as good as their previous album, but still a winner in its own right.

The Edgar Winter Group followed up their big selling 1972 LP, They Only Come Out at Night, two years later with the release of Shock Treatment. With introverted guitarist Ronnie Montrose out of the picture, fronting his own power-packed, nation-rocking group, the ever-ready 'n' reliable Rick Derringer stepped in as the guitarist for the majority of the tracks from Shock Treatment. In addition, Derringer also produced the studio sessions from the Record Plant. Besides Derringer, a host of industry heavy hitters assisted on the recording, which included Shelly Yakus, Bill Szymczyk and Jimmy Iovine.

The majority of the tracks from Shock Treatment were penned by vocalist Dan Hartman, while E.W. wrote three of the songs on his own. Despite the lack of any songs from Shock Treatment approaching the genius of the electrified instrumental "Frankenstein", or the hot summer cruisin' action of "Free Ride", Shock Treatment scores with the brash album opener "Some Kind of Animal", as well as the bluesy swagger that drives "Easy Street", and the hyper rockin', quick two-minute blast of "Queen of My Dreams". The 1974 recording packs on the get-on-down funky rollin' "Do Like Me", and the ballsy boogie of LP closer "Animal". The confident, eleven song effort also features the mellow "Sundown", and the upbeat "Rock & Roll Woman".

Shock 'n' Roll...

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