Friday, March 17, 2017

Edgar Winter - 1972 - They Only Come Out At Night

Edgar Winter 
They Only Come Out At Night

01. Hangin' Around
02. When It Comes
03. Alta Mira
04. Free Ride
05. Undercover Man
06. Round & Round
07. Rock 'N' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues
08. Autumn
09. We All Had a Real Good Time
10. Frankenstein

Johnny Badanjek – drums
Rick Derringer – producer, bass, guitar, pedal steel, vocals, claves
Dan Hartman – guitar, bass, percussion, maracas, ukulele, vocals
Randy Jo Hobbs – bass
Ronnie Montrose – guitar, mandolin
Steve Paul – organic director
Chuck Ruff – conga, drums, vocals
Bill Szymczyk – technical director
Edgar Winter – organ, synthesizer, ARP 2600, piano, marimba, saxophone, timbales, vocals, clavinet

While this album will forever be remembered for spawning the huge hit singles "Frankenstein" and "Free Ride," there's plenty more to appreciate on this stellar release. From "the other single," "Hangin' Around," to the pretty melodies of "Round & Around" and "Autumn," the set collects ten outstanding cuts, played with fervor by Edgar Winter, Chuck Ruff, Dan Hartman, Randy Jo Hobbs, and Ronnie Montrose, along with guest artist/producer Rick Derringer. The "party" feel of "We All Had a Real Good Time" and the singalong "Alta Mira" only add to this already red-hot mix, making They Only Come Out at Night the album Winter will always be remembered for.

Edgar Winter throws it all against the wall on They Only Come Out at Night... and it sticks. Like the work of a mad scientist in the laboratory, E.W. slaved in the studio with a variety of styles, that resulted in a hot collection of rockers, blues, funk, pop, a ballad, and an intense instrumental that turned into a monster. TOCOAN features ten tracks, highlighted by the summertime driving classic, "Free Ride", plus the album's longest number, the electrified instrumental "Frankenstein", the lovely "Autumn", the up-tempo album opener, "Hangin' Around", and the ballsy "Undercover Man". With Ronnie Montrose on board, laying out the killer guitar work, along with vocals from Dan Hartman, and Chuck Huff pounding the kit, the Edgar Winter Group scored big time throughout They Only Come Out at Night. Mighty-mite rocker, Rick "All-American Boy" Derringer, assisted on this classic recording from 1972.

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