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Edgar Winter - 1971 - Edgar Winter's White Trash

Edgar Winter 
Edgar Winter's White Trash

01. Give It Everything You Got
02. Fly Away
03. Where Would I Be
04. Let's Get It On
05. I've Got News for You
06. Save the Planet
07. Dying to Live
08. Keep Playin' That Rock & Roll
09. You Were My Light
10. Good Morning Music

Edgar Winter – organ, piano, celeste, keyboards, saxophone, vocals
Rick Derringer – guitar, vocals, producer
Johnny Winter – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jerry Lacroix – harmonica, saxophone, vocals
Jon Smith – tenor saxophone, vocals
Mike McClellan – trumpet, vocals
Floyd Radford – guitar
George Sheck – bass guitar
Bobby Ramirez – drums
Steven Paul – organic director
Ray Barretto – conductor, congas
Alfred Brown – strings
Arnold Eidus – strings
George Ricci – strings
Gene Orloff – strings
Emanuel Green – strings
Max Pollikoff – strings
Russell Savkas – strings
Eileen Gilbert – conductor, vocals
Carl Hull – vocals
Albertine Robinson – vocals
Tasha Thomas – vocals
Janice Bell – vocals
Maretha Stewart – vocals
Patti Smith – poetry

Perhaps one of his best-loved albums, Edgar Winter's White Trash combined funk, blues, R&B, and rock & roll to create one of the freshest sounds of the early '70s. Touching on gospel with "Fly Away" and "Save the Planet," Winter and his band cover all the bases, climbing into the lower end of the Top 40 with "Keep Playin' That Rock and Roll." Winter's hauntingly beautiful "Dying to Live," featuring some of his best piano work, serves as a valid anti-war statement, written at the height of the Vietnam era, and the remainder of the record is filled with genuine rock & roll/boogie-woogie/blues that will keep your head bobbing and your toes tapping.

Let the wild rumpus start! This is one of the most wild, outrageous, soaring, out of control Rock albums in all history. It's as packed full of jaw-dropping OH HELL YEAH moments as any album I've ever heard. This thing is just a gem! There are so many facets to this truly wondrous album I hardly know where to begin. Rick Derringer and Johnny Winter's guitars are like fire and ice all over the place. The album is absolutely soaked and steeped in Deep Blues and Southern Gospel. And it has a true sense of absolutely head busting, nothing can stop it, about to rampage out of control into the wildest party the earth has ever seen at any moment that probably no other album has. Plus it's all killer and no filler. There are a few real stone classics that do stand out however. Let's Get It On is just astounding. There's the Gospel inflected vocals and piano, the crazy congos in the background, the guitar break that explodes full bore into one of the greatest solos I've ever been blessed to hear, it's staggeringly awesome. Then there's the gorgeous Fly Away which is nearly tears of joy inducing. And Keep Playing That Rock N Roll? You gotta hear it to believe it. Get this album now!

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