Friday, March 17, 2017

Edgar Winter - 1970 - Entrance

Edgar Winter

01. Winter's Dream Entrance
02. Where Have You Gone
03. Rise To Fall
04. Fire And Ice
05. Hung Up
06. Back In The Blues
07. Re-Entrance
08. Tobacco Road
09. Jump Right Out  
10. Peace Pipe
11. A Different Game
12. Jimmy'S Gospel

Edgar Winter - Organ, Producer, Vocals, Sax (Alto), Piano, Celeste
Randal Dolanon - Guitar
Gene Kurtz - Bass
Jimmy Gillen - Drums
Ray Alonge - Horn
Earl Chapin - Horn
Brooks Tillotson - Horn
Paul Gershman - Strings
Emanuel Green - Strings
Gene Cahn - Strings
Ralph Oxman - Strings
Russel Savkus - Strings

On "Tobacco Road"
Edgar Winter - Organ, Producer, Vocals, Sax (Alto)
Johnny Winter - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Tommy Shannon - Bass
"Uncle" John Turner - Drums

Edgar Winter came out of the chute kicking with this remarkable record filled with jazz, blues, and a little old-fashioned rock & roll. The record follows an established theme throughout its first side, stringing the songs together without breaks, highlighted by dreamy keyboard and sax work, plus Winter's smooth vocalizations. But jazz isn't the only thing Winter brings to the party. His first recorded version of the old J.D. Loudermilk tune "Tobacco Road" throws a few nice punches (although the live version with White Trash a few years later would prove the definitive one). "Jimmy's Gospel" plays on his early church influences, while "Jump Right Out" is the predecessor of half-a-dozen "jump up and dance" numbers Winter would pepper his records with in the years to come.

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