Monday, March 27, 2017

Charles Kynard - 1971 - Charles Kynard

Charles Kynard 
Charles Kynard

01. El Torro Poo Poo 3:10
02. Greeze 4:37
03. She 6:31
04. Grits 6:42
05. Greens 4:37
06. Nightwood 2:26
07. It's Too Late 9:18

Bass – Carol Kaye
Congas – King Errison
Drums – James F. Gadson
Guitar – Billy Fender
Organ – Charles Kynard

This album along with the albums Afro Disiac, Wu-Tu-Wa Zui and Woga contain in my opinion organist Charles Kynard's best work on record.

The band assembled for this 1971 Mainstream label date includes some legendary players such as Enrie Watts on tenor sax and Carol Kaye of the session team "The Wrecking Crew" on electric bass. Billy Fender on guitar, James Gadson on drums and King Errison on congas & aux percussion. The band is enjoying each other's company as they sound relaxed and the groove never comes across forced.

Once again the music on this date is a mixture of popular tunes of the time such as the band's take on Carol King's It's Too Late while all the other tunes in this set were composed by Richard Fritz who wrote and arranged all the original material on Charles Mainstream album Woga. This album is a lot like Woga which was recorded a year later in 1972 in sound and concept, both albums use two legendary bassists and both feature material from the pen of Richard Fritz who I'm assuming was Mainstream's staff writer/arranger. If you're new to this soul jazz organ driven music then I don't think anybody would have a problem starting out with this album or any of Kynard's albums I mentioned in this review. If you're a veteran fan of this music and Charles Kynard but don't own this you've got a big hole in your collection where this album should go. Enjoy!

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