Saturday, February 18, 2017

Steamhammer - 1972 - Speech


01. Penumbra
02. Telegram
03. For Against

- Martin Pugh: guitar, vocals
- Louis Cennamo: bass, vocals
- Mickey Bradley: drums

- Garth Watt-Roy: clarinet, vocals

This could be a Mick Bradley's prelude . Listening to the album, you may, easily realize, that Mick Bradley should be among the 5 best Rock drummers .The song "Penumbra" was the prototype of Armageddon 's "Buzzurd"...In fac,t Armageddon just copied "Penumbra" . That was not a problem of course , because Bradley was dead and Pugh and Cennamo were Armageddon, together with Relf and Caldwell.The fact was that "Speech" came up in 1972 and Armageddon self titled album came up four years later. Too late for this kind of music , Punk was ready to change everything... The destiny was that Cennamo joined Steamhammer and after his first release with the band (Speech) , Mick Bradley died . Cenammo joined Armageddon and after their 1st and only release Keith Relf died...Tough luck.

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