Saturday, February 4, 2017

Niagara - 1973 - Afire


01. What For
02. City Walk
03. Terpsichore
04. Rhythm Go
05. Carnival
06. Malanga Two
07. Rolling
08. Dance In Seven
09. Bangu
10. The Third One
11. Afire

Bass [Fender] – Dave King
Bongos – Sabu Rex
Congas – Norman Tolbert
Congas, Timbales – Charlie Campbell
Drums, Percussion – George Brown

An absolute primer in the fine art of jazz-funk rhythm, Niagara Afire strips Niagara's approach to its most primal -- apart from a smattering of electric bass, the album is forged exclusively from percussion elements, augmenting Klaus Weiss' heavyweight drumming with congas, bongos, tympani, and myriad related instruments. The music proves that rhythm and melody are not mutually exclusive -- songs like "Carnival" and "What For" develop a sensibility that transcends pure groove, employing its more exotic percussive ingredients to create a sound far richer and deeper than the sum of its parts would suggest. But what's most noteworthy is Afire's sheer physicality -- this is music wrought from Herculean effort, illuminated by the joy of collaboration.

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