Saturday, February 4, 2017

Lou Blackburn - 1963 - Two Note Samba

Lou Blackburn 
Two Note Samba

01. Manha De Carnaval
02. Jean-Bleu
03. Blues For Eyridice
04. Grand Prix
05. Two-Note Samba
06. Song Of Delilah
07. Dear Old Stockholm
08. Secret Love

Bass – John Duke
Drums – Leroy Henderson
Piano – Horace Tapscott
Trombone – Lou Blackburn
Trumpet – Freddie Hill

Just months removed from his Imperial debut Jazz Frontier, Lou Blackburn makes an impressive leap forward with Two Note Samba, a seamless and organic fusion of straight-ahead L.A. jazz sensibilities with pop, soul, and bossa nova. Reunited with an exemplary support staff including pianist Horace Tapscott, trumpeter Freddie Hill, bassist John Duke, and drummer Leroy Henderson, Blackburn quickly adapts to the Latin rhythms and textures that dominate much of the session, again proving himself an uncommonly nimble trombonist. While he contributes frustratingly little as a composer, the waltz-like original "Blues for Eurydice" is wonderful. A solid if occasionally tentative date, for all the intriguing ideas explored here, it's a shame none are pushed to their limits.

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