Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Larry Coryell - 1973 - The Real Great Escape

Larry Coryell 
The Real Great Escape

01. The Real Great Escape
02. Are You Too Clever
03. Love Life`s Offering
04. Makes Me Want To Shout
05. All My Love`s Laughter
06. Scotland II
07. PF Sloan

- Larry Coryell / guitar. ARP synthesizer, vacals
- Mervin Bronson / bass
- Mike mandel / piano, ARP synthesizer
- Steve Marcus / Tenor & soprano saxophone
- Harry Wilkinson / drums
- Earl Drouen / congas
- Julie Coryell / vocals

After three fantastic albums such as LaVG, BB & Offering, would LC manage to get one more under his belt? Unchanged line-up, still the usual Danny Weiss on the production stool, the main ingredients changing here would seem to be the return of wife Julie and the return of frequent singing from both spouses. Oh yeah, we get to see the ARP synth's first appearance, toyed by both LC and Mandel. Taking its name on a track from Barefoot Boy, and sporting an appropriate artwork, the album fails to pay homage to the BB track.

Indeed, TRGE is a sub-par album that ranges from almost country rock with brass/horns arrangements ala BS&T as in the closing PF Sloan or semi Savoy Brown boogie of the title track, the only long song that allows a bit of an escape from basic song structures. Wife Julie signs two tracks, while hubby Larry signs four, the rest being covers, two of them from Jim Webb. The Scotland II track might just be the album's only "highlight" (if we can call it that), with the presence of the afore-mentioned ARP synth, but one can't say it is used that wisely, but at least it allows the track to blow over the tight structures of the songs present on this album, and give LC a bit of space to expand. But the break is not big enough to allow the escape.

Don't get me wrong, not everything is bad on this album, there are moments of brilliance, the thing being that they are much fewer and farther apart.