Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Larry Coryell - 1971 - Basics

Larry Coryell 

01. Call to the Higher Consciousness (5:17)
02. Slow Blues (4:22)
03. Friday Night (2:22)
04. Half a Heart (3:30)
05. Sex (4:32)
06. Tyrone (3:00)
07. Jam With Albert (2:55)
08. Organ Blues (5:19)

- Larry Coryell / guitar and vocals
- Mike Mandel / organ
- Ron Carter / electric bass
- Chuck Rainey / electric bass
- Bernard Purdie / drums
- Steve Haas / drums
- Ray Mantilla / percussion

Recorded at Apostolic Studios in 1968/69
1971 LP Vanguard Recording Society, Inc.

Originally the tracks on this album were recorded in 68 & 69, and intended for release, but didn't see the light of day until 71 or even 76 (depending on the country of release), but several tracks were released in different versions in LC's late-60's/early 70's albums. They were repackaged in a wild psychedelic package at the aforementioned dates, but by that time LC's music was vastly different so some of these songs might seem quite dated, even then.

There are some straight (Slow) blues tracks, some late 60's Yarbirds-style rockers (Consciousness, Friday Night), other more Cream-like psych-rock (Half A Heart, Sex, Jam With Albert) and slightly jazzy rock (Tyrone & Organ Blues)

Difficult to call this "album" essential for progheads, but while vastly influenced by his then-heroes, Basics might just give you a clue how a jazz giant navigated from his rock roots to jazz rock, then pure jazz., but it won't give the full blown impact of LC's best rocking albums. Still worth a listen, but hardly a priority.