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John Ylvisaker - 1968 - Follow Me

John Ylvisaker 
Follow Me

01. The Birth 2:38
02. The Song Of The Stable Boy 2:37
03. John, The Baptizer 4:43
04 Nicodemus 3:18
05. Wade In The Water 2:40
06. The Rich Young Ruler 3:09
07. The Water Of Life 3:07
08. Judas Iscariot 3:27
09. The Victory Dance 2:00
10. Thomas 3:09
11. Peter And The Angel 2:30
12. Follow Me 3:10

Celesta, Organ, Piano – Dick Hyman
Double Bass – George Duvivier
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Classical] – Jay Berliner
Flute, Organ – Amanda Ylvisaker
Guitar, Guitar [12-string], Vocals – John Ylvisaker
Percussion – Paul Palmes

Recorded April 4, 1968. Words on A1, A3-B5 adapted from the Scripture.

Follow Me is a quieter album than Cool Livin’ and A Love Song, with no real psychedelic influences to speak of. No less of a treat though as John and Amanda perform twelve New Testament stories in song, updating traditional melodies through such diverse contemporary styles as folk, pop, rock, jazz, Caribbean and ragtime. Professional musicians again, including Dick Hyman on keyboards (piano, organ, celeste) and Jay Berliner on classical and electric guitar. Amanda harmonizes on the choruses and also contributes flute and organ. ‘Down By The Riverside’, ‘Wade In The Water’, ‘Song Of The Stable Boy’, ‘The Rich Young Ruler’, ‘The Water Of Life’, ‘Judas Iscariot’, ‘Peter And The Angel’, among others.

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